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The Lock & Key fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

If you have lost your car keys, or simply need a spare set cut, MB Lock & Key supply replacement car keys for many makes and models at a competitive price.

Visualise Creative was already in contact with Martin (the owner of MB Lock & Key) after we redesigned the website for his other business, LockSolid Locksmiths. He was really impressed with his final website design, as well as the sleek new logo we had created for the brand. So when Martin decided to update the website for his auto locksmith business, MB Lock & Key, he had only one company in mind: Visualise Creative!

Martin wanted a slick new brand for his business, as well as a fully responsive website. Visualise Creative was more than up for the challenge and got to work immediately. First, we presented seven different logos, each varied in colour, font and design. Martin then chose his favourite, which we then tweaked slightly into four new designs. This allowed Martin to choose his favourite elements to reach a final solution he most satisfied with.

Once we had finalised the brand, we began work on the website.

We fully utilised the bold black, white and orange colour scheme of the logo throughout the website. This reinforces the brand in the client’s mind, so they, therefore, more likely to reuse the auto locksmith service. We also incorporated a revolving banner to the homepage. This clearly advertises the different services that MB Lock & Key offer, such as key cutting and car opening, while also promoting that they are a local business.

The new website is also far easier to navigate. Previously, the font was really small and clashed with the background colour. Also, it was difficult to find your way to different pages. However, Visualise Creative ensured the new website was far more user friendly. Now the client can easily search for their car model via the navigation bar and be directed to the relevant page (e.g. Audi, Ford or Renault). It’s so quick and easy!

Other new features include a blog page to keep the website active on Google, as well as reviews to promote the credibility of the business. We also incorporated car model logos throughout the website which enlarge when the mouse hovers over them. They will then direct the user to the relevant key cutting page.

Of course, the MB Lock & Key website is 100% responsive.

It’s incredibly important that the website can be accessed on the move. After all, you never know when you’re going to be locked out of your car! Being responsive, this means the website can be viewed on any mobile, tablet or laptop device without compromising the quality of the design.


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