LockSolid Norwich Locksmiths

LockSolid Norwich Locksmiths


The Lock Solid Locksmiths fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

A fast & reliable friendly service with great prices from your local locksmith in Norwich | LockSolid

Following a recent break-in at the Visualise Creative studio, we contacted Martin of LockSolid Locksmiths in Norwich to come out and secure our property. LockSolid was there in less than an hour and sorted us out to be secure again before darkness fell.

While in the office, we spoke to Martin about his website. He had been planning on getting his original website redesigned for ages but never got around to it. So he asked Visualise Creative to give him a FREE quotation to create a new brand for the business and also create a fully responsive website with a new sleeker and professional look.

The Lock Solid Locksmiths in Norwich brand identity

After completing the brand, we also designed the stationery which comes as standard with all our brand creation projects. From there we also supplied LockSolid with a vector graphic of the logo for his t-shirts to be printed.

The Visualise Creative team completely rebuilt the website from scratch utilising the existing content but laid out in a much more aesthetically appealing way, so as to give the end-user a much more efficient journey. Being responsive, the contact details became clickable from the users’ phone, essential for the 24hr business.

We complemented the design of the website to reflect the brand creation and brought to the forefront the services that LockSolid provides. We also brought in more functionality within the website so as to make the end-users journey more interactive with a goal of maximising the clients ROI.

With the launch of the new LockSolid website, this is the second launch in 2 days out of the Visualise Creative studio. With Meg busy inputting the launch SEO work and creating the first blog post for the client we are aiming to increase the visibility of the website over the original build.


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