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Wensum Pools Ltd


Wensum Pools Ltd are an award-winning family run business established in 1977. They are Norfolk’s largest and award-winning pool and spa display centre, with over 20 hot tubs and swim spas, three swimming pools and saunas on display.

Wensum Pools have been a long standing client of Visualise. We had rebranded the company back in March 2012, before upgrading their website to a fully responsive design in 2015. They had contacted us about updating their website, with a focus on their hot tubs in particular.

The Visualise team listened to their brief and started work straight away.

Our first challenge was to make browsing their hot tubs more user-friendly. Therefore, we have introduced the option to search by brand, as well as the ability to refine your search by number of seats. Each hot tub has been sorted into the relevant category, so simply click the search bar to find a suitable hot tub for you. Furthermore, we have introduced an enquiry form where users can find out more information about a particular hot tub model. Simply fill in your name and contact details, and Wensum Pools will respond as soon as possible. Searching for a new hot tub has never been so easy!

The website is far more streamlined and easier to navigate than before.

For example, we have incorporated drop down options on pages which feature lots of information. That way, the user can click on the topic which most interests them, rather than scrolling through endless text. Wensum Pools wanted to focus on their endless pools, so we separated the page from the swimming pools section. It now stands on its own on the navigation bar, and features its own banner on the homepage.

As per usual, the website was hand-coded using a WordPress platform to create a fully responsive bespoke design.

Being responsive basically means that the website adapts well on a variety of devices, windows or screen sizes. The design is faster and more efficient; it is also more successful for SEO, keeping Wensum Pools high in the rankings for specific search terms. At Visualise, we continuously strive to make our designs different. We always develop clean code rather than taking the easy route of using templates. Once again, we have continued with our ethos with the creation of the Wensum Pools website.


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