True Focus Hypnotherapy

True Focus Hypnotherapy


The human mind is an incredible thing…

After receiving an online enquiry from Chris Trilsbach who contacted us from being an acquaintance of Peter Francis of Meditation Personal Trainers, we arranged a meeting at the visualise office.

Over a nice cup of coffee, Chris explained to us the business that he was in, he wanted to take his existing business model to new grounds and from the recommendation asked us to prepare a proposal to come up with a new business name, new image, new brand and a new responsive website.

After seeing the proposal and being happy with everything that visualise had laid out, we set to work brainstorming for ideas on the new name for the business. We presented 2 pages of names and Chris was really excited about one of them and took it to a few friends where we all agreed on the new name – True Focus | Hypnotherapy.

Next was to create the brand, we submitted some initial concepts for feedback where Chris then commented and we went through the process of finalising a solution. We also designed the stationary where we got the business cards printed and supplied them to Chris. When the business cards came back from the printers, even we were delighted with the result!

Using the brand guidelines we designed a home page for the website. Chris’s brief was to get across the misconception that hypnotherapy will leave you walking around like a chicken! Using the swirl image we created a hypnotic background that blended in nicely with the brand image. We also brought images into the rest of the content that provoked a feeling of calm. We also included a few funky features into the website design.

So in all this was a lovely project for visualise to embark on, from creating the business name, creating the brand to designing and developing to be fully responsive the website.

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