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The Tower Fitness Gym in Norwich's fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

3 websites under 1 hood | Corporate Boxing | BOX MOVE BURN | Challenges

Back in February Jackson Williams approached us to design & develop a new website for the Tower Fitness Gym in Norwich to push the businesses forward. When the Corporate Boxing business started 6 years ago it was the one and only event in Norwich. Now due to its popular format, the idea has been picked up by a few other companies in Norwich. So Jackson wanted a website that stood above the competition.

Jackson had many requests for the new website from incorporating the application form into the website to having a class online booking system so that Tower Fitness Gym roughly knows how many people are coming to each class.

Tower Fitness Gym Landing Page

We designed a website that gave the viewer an initial image of the Tower Fitness Gym and access to the 3 sub sites underneath the one domain. The landing page was designed to be sharp, attractive and entice people into the website, easily.

From the landing page we created 3 sub sites.

Corporate Boxing

The Corporate Boxing website was designed to be in keeping with the landing page for brand consistency. We pushed forward the upcoming show and also signing up for the next show. We keep this updated every 3 months as shows happen. The new Corporate Boxing website has an online application form which captures the applicants’ data as well as allowing for a headshot image to be uploaded and a 30-word bio, therefore making the process of advertising the show easier.

We also introduced a free to register membership for the website. Introduced to encourage corporate boxers past and present to register and allowing them through to an online class booking system to let Jackson know how many are coming to each class. We also introduced a forum with pre-made main topics to encourage user interactivity and traffic to the website. We plan to expand the members’ area in the future with exclusive online videos, dietary advice, a shop and hopefully a discount on a popular local ready meal provider.

The new website is also expanded to allow viewers to see the profiles of the fighters taking part in the upcoming show. The videos are now available to view from within the website and the gallery links to the Facebook page, just because there were so many of them!!!!


We designed the BOX MOVE BURN website to fit within the Tower Fitness Gym overall design, incorporating a gym image to the background. Keen to promote the BOX MOVE BURN 8-week training program, Jackson wanted the application form incorporated into the site for ease of managing as well as a free to register membership which as the Corporate Boxing website allows for a member to book online to an upcoming class. Another benefit of being a member is access to the forum where a user can air their views, get advice, and join in the conversation with others. We plan to expand the members’ area in the future with exclusive online videos, dietary advice, a shop and hopefully a discount on a popular local ready meal provider.

Jackson Williams Challenges

Follow the Jackson Williams Challenges via the new website, where Jackson raises money for charities. The upcoming ‘run across oz’ is raising money for ‘Break’. The new Challenges website has a background image related to the past challenges Jackson has completed.

Find out more about Jackson Williams and the challenges he has completed as well as helping him raise money.

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