Tower Fitness Fakenham Gym

Tower Fitness Fakenham Gym


Fully responsive view of Tower Fitness Fakenham Gym, the latest project launch by visualise creative

TOWER FITNESS | FAKENHAM is a fully functional boxing-styled gym that creates a safe environment for every individual of any age to pursue their fitness goals.

The Tower Fitness Fakenham Gym is the extension of the Norwich gym. Owner of Tower Fitness, Jackson Williams is one of 3 directors in the new Fakenham venture. Following on from the successful launch of the Norwich Tower Fitness Gym several years ago, Jackson asked us to come on board once again to create a new site for the new venture.

Our recommendation was to split the Tower Fitness Fakenham Gym website so that it was its own entity and not under the umbrella of the Norwich site. That was we have a more specific URl and also able to achieve more targeted SEO rather than it being confused with the Norwich gym. We have also adjusted the landing page of the Norwich gym so that it offers a path into the Norwich website or off to the Fakenham website.

The new Tower Fitness Fakenham Gym website focuses on the 4 programme structures that they are offering. Box Move Burn is the 8 week programme that offers real results, real weight gains and satisfaction or your money back! Not one father feint hearted!!! The new gym is also introducing a relatively new concept to Norfolk, the Bungee Fitness programme. This programme is the revolutionary full body training system for fitness and rehabilitation. Designed for a high intensity cardio workout with no pressure on joints, our Bungee Fitness Systems offer a new, innovative and fun way to work out and rev up metabolism. Of course Tower Fitness is more commonly associated with the Corporate Boxing events and Fakenham is no exception here. Allowing the Fakenham participants to take part in this 12 week programme and highlighted with the main event of stepping into the ring and fighting your opponent. We are waiting to see if this is combined with Norwich event or an event on its own in Fakenham for the grand finale. Get Strong is the fourth programme, however this is still in development and will be coming soon once the COVID debacle is over!

With this Fakenham website we also integrated the PushPress online booking system which now allows for interested participants to book their classes and pay for them securely so that all COVID safety guidelines can be adhered too.

Of course, as all our work is, the new website is a fully responsive website and bespoke designed to be an extension of the Norwich gym design.

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