The Romanian Wine Company Limited

The Romanian Wine Company Limited


The Romanian Wine Company Limited brings the best of Romanian Wine to the UK.

visualise was approached by Steve Hearnden, whom we have had dealings with previously through ‘Visit Brundall’ and his business partner Daniel Epurescu to develop a new business platform for them to sell their Romanian Wine to the UK. We were first asked to create a new brand for the company, which we initially provided several designs for and worked together to reach a final solution. The brand brief was to create a logo that was both recognisable to the wine business as well as incorporating the Romanian flag colours.

Once the brand identity was finalised we then set to work on creating the design for the fully responsive website. The website needed to be simple to use and promote heavily the wines, offers and the fact that they were authentic Romanian Wines brought in to sell to the UK. We needed to fully integrate a shopping cart facility into the website to make it work smoothly, the cart that we worked with also integrates smoothly into their Facebook page allowing users to purchase the wines directly from the Facebook page without even visiting the website. We expanded the site to include ‘special offers’ and also introduced a ‘gift card’ functionality.

The Romanian Wine Company Limited website has been created with a bespoke design and fully responsive across all devices, meaning that where ever you are, you can always and easily purchase some lovely Romanian Wine.

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