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In the middle of last year, visualise was contacted through our enquiry form by the Southdown Podiatry Clinic who were looking for a re-brand and a new website for their podiatry clinic based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. After an initial chat we provided a full quotation and ideas on how the site structure should look.

After the proposal was accepted we created the initial brand concepts and with feedback and alterations we submitted the final design in media for all formats of use. Once the brand project was completed we then started work on creating the home page design for the site, again after a some tweaking here and there with the design, the overall design and structure was approved and we set about designing the rest of the content for the site. Southdown had a bit of a delay during the process as their business evolved and came back into contact with us earlier this year where we then made the changes needed to reflect the business more accurately. From the design phase we then engineered the site to be fully responsive and submitted our work. Southdown Podiatry then made some last minute alterations to the design, which we then implemented and re-submitted where then the site signed off.

Southdown Podiatry Clinic wanted the site to be launched on a specific date, which of course we were happy to accommodate. Now they can promote the site themselves and hopefully the business will fly in…

It’s been a pleasure working with the Southdown Podiatry Clinic team and we wish them all the success in their future business.

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