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The Saxon Digital Services fully responsive mock-up image showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

Working with some of the UK’s top publishers and brands for over 30 years, Saxon Digital Services delivers the highest quality print and publishing services.

Many moons ago and early on when the Visualise Creative Commander & Chiefs – Jim Keeble used to be an employee of Saxon Digital Services. Back in the day when most of the work was done by hand, assembling foils, making proofs and making plates for the press. Now Jim has had the pleasure of working with the guys at Saxon Digital Services again to design a new website for them.

After Saxon was left with a non-functioning website, they contacted Visualise Creative to discuss having a new one designed and developed with custom sizes included on the products, new look, and fresher design and seamless functionality.

So that’s exactly what we did…

From the initial design concept, we created animated sliders for the front page to showcase the companies ethos and also included the popular products for viewers to click straight into. As the Saxon Digital Services logo is cyan, magenta, yellow and black, we incorporated this colour scheme into the design of the site. Arrows and headers all complement the colours where possible.

The main purpose of the website was for the product cart to have a more user-friendly layout out and easier to use. The original site wasn’t functioning correctly and so we addressed all the issues, displayed the products more clearly, included functionality such as being able to order custom sizes of products, and also made sure the layout was uniform throughout the website. We also included drop-down navigation in the site complete with icons to help the end-user with navigating the website.

We’ve enjoyed working with Saxon and it has been great to see all the staff again, most of which are still there!!!!

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