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The Sam's Baits quality blast frozen bait suppliers fully responsive mock-up images showing The Sam's Baits quality blast frozen bait suppliers fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

Sam’s Baits is a fishing merchant in Lowestoft. They supply hotels and restaurants throughout East Anglia, as well as wholesaling fish throughout the UK and Europe.

Visualise Creative were approached by Sam’s Baits to create a fully responsive website for their business. They felt their original website was too boring and uninspiring for customers. Also, it was too basic for their needs, and they wanted to further promote their bait products. The Visualise Creative team took note and began work immediately!

It was important to Sam’s Baits that their products were pushed front and centre to their customers. Therefore, we introduced a revolving slider to the homepage which highlighted some of their most popular products. We also created a “featured products” banner, which is updated daily with the latest stock.

The homepage also features a checkerboard design, with each square promoting a different page on the website. For example, a link for the stock list, latest blog posts, and the full product list. Some of the squares rotate when the mouse hovers over it, creating a more engaging user experience for the customer.

We also introduced some new pages to Sam’s Baits website.

For example, we introduced a page where you can locate the nearest stockist by county. The customer simply clicks the corresponding letter to their county, and the system will update the page for that letter. It makes searching for stockists so much quicker and easier for the customer.

Customers can send in pictures of their catches using Sam’s Baits which will then be uploaded into the new “gallery” page. It’s a great way to build a relationship between customers and the business, as well as showing how good Sam’s Baits products really are!

You may have noticed the eye-catching fish and squid animation throughout the website.

Visualise Creative wanted to make the website as fun and memorable as possible. Therefore, we decided to add an awesome animation to the website’s background. As you navigate the site, fish will swim across the page and two pink squids bob up and down in the water. This adds an element of fun to the website and definitely makes the experience more memorable. Customers will be more likely to return to Sam’s Baits if they remember how amazing it was!

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