Reynard City Chronicles

Reynard City Chronicles


Reynard City Chronicles is a Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form!

visualise first met Rob Turner of ‘Reynard City’ several years ago at our local networking group, the Norwich Kitty Networking Group where Rob was a very active member, always happy to help other members with promotion of their business.

Being graphic and responsive web designers we took a keen interest in the ‘Reynard City’ website, which with Robs own admission was built originally on a shoe string and over the years became a bit of a mess, complicated to view and also losing the actual ethos behind the business. So, keen to help when the time was right, we stepped up and put in a proposal to Rob to build a new website for the business and simplify the site design and to promote more effectively the purpose of the business.

With this project, we let our apprentice graphic designer ‘Meg‘ free reign on designing something suitable for the ‘Reynard City Chronicles’ vision. We think she has hit the nail on the head and really pleased with what she has worked on. As usual our in-house developer ‘Tyler‘ worked on coding the bespoke design into a fully responsive website that you see today.

We were keen to make the process of viewing the ‘Reynard City Chronicles’ comic online much more easier for the viewer, so we introduced the flip book functionality into the design. We also expanded on the character views, giving the viewer a much better insight into the vision behind the comic.

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