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Founded in 2006, Pymm & Co Estate Agent and Lettings are award winning independent offices with a wealth of experience in the property industry. Back at the start, visualise were involved in the original concept process after the brand was created where we designed and developed their first website when everything was .html and non responsive. After the business moved to a new provider to go responsive and couple with external software for managing the properties, the visualise studio is now back on board with a new fresh design.

Having kept in touch with Managing Director Steve Pymm, we were originally approached to work on the social media accounts where we created animation posts and promotion of the property portfolio to their Facebook, instagram and twitter accounts regularly each week and working to build the followers and social presence up.

While doing the social media accounts, there came an issue with the existing company website where it wasn’t showing the property feed correctly and ultimately losing them business. We also felt that the overall feel and theme of the website had become rather dated. So we spoke to Steve and presented Pymm & Co with a full proposal to design and develop a new fully responsive website with a much better property portfolio view.

When designing the new website we wanted to make sure that the imagery we used were originals and of Norwich, so we commissioned local photographer Gail D’Alamaine to take some dramatic and artful images and concentrate on the home page shot which would be the focus of the website. The images we got back were stunning and we felt set the site apart from other local Estate Agents who use stock photography images. Originally we wanted the front page image to be in black and white, but Pymm & Co preferred the colour version.

With the new design, we complimented the Pymm & Co corporate design colours through the theme, making the site a lot more modern and professional to the viewer. The main focus of the work was to concentrate on both the ‘Sales’ and the ‘Lettings’ portfolio, pushing the viewer easily into the property view. Instead of an automated feed from the property portfolio for the ‘featured properties’ on the front page, we developed it to be a manual process so that we could easily update with chosen properties and the code is visible on the front page as well as keeping the index page constantly fresh and up thrown to the search engines with new content.

Using the existing property feed, we bespoke styled it so as to seamlessly integrate into the site design, showing a grid overview of the property portfolio for both ‘sales’ and lettings’ separately to include details and price and then we also styled the individual property to look different from other local Estate Agents.

With the launch SEO that we carry out on all the sites we push live, we are also continuing to push the new website and keep it top of the rankings, where as being a hand coded website and never using template we have a much greater advantage over other businesses.

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