OLL ’22 Video Games Convention

OLL ’22 Video Games Convention


OLL '22 Video Games Convention showing the responsive device views

The OLL ’22 Video Games Convention will feature the biggest and best of the region’s gaming scene.

With Lockdown keeping many of the countries businesses closed, One Life Left Norwich Gaming Cafe was no exception. Not happy sitting still and waiting for the world to reopen, Jon (OLL owner) decided to go ahead with an idea he had been working on for a long time and used the downtime to hatch a plan. OLL ’22 Video Games Convention was masterminded.

With the venue secured at the Norfolk Showground Arena and a hopefully safe date secured of the weekend of the 15th & 16th January 2022, it was time for Jon to enquire about getting a website done. The call to visualise was made and Jon was happy with what he heard. Excited about the creative flair that visualise push, it seemed the logical fit for the new venue.

We first worked on the look and feel of the site, taking on board the retro gaming feel, we created a bespoke background for the website that showed the familiar block graphics associated with retro gaming and framed it with a dramatic futuristic overlay. We added in shadows to make the whole background image come to life. The background complimented the OLL ’22 brand which also themed on the block graphics.

Jon wanted a countdown to the event clock and also pushing the retro game feel, the showcasers for the weekend as well the main highlight of hosting the biggest Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament ever seen in the East of England. One of the major points of the brief was that we weren’t allowed to use and images associated with Nintendo, so we created the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament graphic from scratch!!!

The whole website design follows quite a simplistic theme but with little added features that will probably go unnoticed, but we know they are there. Such as on the desktop version, the Playstation Sackboy character going over the panels above it.

Tyler (our in-house developer) also created a bespoke navigation bar, that comes in from the side and instead of bullet points, we added in retro game controllers! Having the nav bar on the side of the site and only visible when called upon allowed us to take full usage of the screen space.

This was a good project for the visualise creative team to work on and we are really pleased with the finished website. We hope it gets a lot of attention and that the OLL ’22 Video Games Convention gets a lot of exposure and of course sells loads of tickets for it.


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