Norwich Wedding Cars

Norwich Wedding Cars


The Norwich Wedding Cars fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

Put simply there is no finer way to arrive…

Norwich Wedding Cars was an existing business that has been bought by Courtesy Taxis. Having known ‘Mark Streeter’ who owns Courtesy Taxis for some time, and we previously created their site for them, he asked us to create a new fully responsive website for Norwich Wedding Cars.

The original website was very basic and offered no real functionality to encourage user interactivity. We made a copy of the content before removing the original site and placing up a holding page while we worked on creating the new one.

Using the original content we designed and developed a new fully responsive website for the Norwich Wedding Cars business, with a focus on promoting the stunning fleet of cars available and also to encourage more user interactivity with the inclusion of forms.

Our brief for the project was to offer a traditional look and feel and promote the fleet of cars, which we feel we executed successfully. With no brand in place, we quickly knocked something simple up for the site to reflect the style. Once the design was created the site development began and once all the content was in, the site was made fully responsive and so able to be viewed fluidly across all forms of media. We added a few cool elements into the site development, which really brought the site to life.

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