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Norwich Kitty Networking Group


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The Norwich Kitty Networking Group where just ’30 words’ introduces your business to the room.

Visualise Creative have been members of the Norwich Kitty Networking Group for the past 7 years. Originally we created a basic website for them which allowed members to have their logo on the site and also submit their 30 words for the upcoming meetings.

In July of 2016 we had a meeting with Paul Rudd who is the founder of the Norwich Kitty Networking Group about a possible collaboration between our two companies. Paul was more than excited about the joining of forces as the Norwich Kitty Networking Group needed a bit of injection and direction and structure to keep moving it forward, which the Visualise Creative marketing team could bring to the table and improve the whole experience.

First we discussed altering the structure of the networking meetings. The ’30 words’ needed to be limited to the ’30 words’ which introduce each business to the room by Paul. We also introduced a new ‘going to town’ feature which is a round 2 of the meeting where individual businesses get the chance to promote any new business news, special offers or ask for any contacts or leads from other members into specific business areas.

Next we set about re-designing and re-developing a brand new website from scratch. We expanded the business so that it could operate online as well as the weekly Norwich Kitty Networking Group meetings. Businesses can now sign up for a FREE account which will allow them a business profile and interact with all the other features on the site as well as attending a FREE first taster meeting before upgrading to a FULL account. FULL members have all the benefits of the functionality of the networking site as well as being able to submit their weekly ’30 words’ and anything to go into the ‘going to town’ round.

The website now has functionality which includes a blog, full forum capability, profiles can private message each other and you can invite a specific business to the networking meeting via the website to encourage more visitors. We also created the home page of the site specifically as a hub so that viewers can see the latest members to the site, latest blog posts and latest forum posts.

This was a big undertaking for the Visualise Creative team and we are pleased with the finished result and all completed within a month time frame.

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