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Norfolk Laundry House


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A Commercial & Domestic Laundry Service from Norfolk Laundry House

Back in the day when responsive web design was just starting, the Norfolk Laundry House was Visualises first dip into the responsive workflow. The site design was still quite minimal but it did the job at the time.

NOW many years later and design, technology and broadband speed has taken considerable leap forward. So, it was time to give the Norfolk Laundry House a makeover and bring it up to a more modern look.

Hollie (the owner) asked for a more modern and functional looking design that would attract more commercial clients to the commercial laundry service that they offer. So thats exactly what we did! We created a full out front page that when the viewer lands on the site they immediately know what the website is all about. We also decided to work on something knew for the navigation menu, spending a lot of our own time to prefect a split looking navigation bar that on the left showed the contact details and on the right the navigation.

We made the home page more graphical and showing the business services as well as introducing some stats to add a little humour to the site design.

Expanding on the original site content, we also integrated a blog, so that Hollie can create feature rich articles to then improve on the SEO of the site.

Norfolk Laundry Houses provides a service of the highest quality, available for FREE collection and delivery in the Norwich area.

They are a small family run a business on the outskirts of Norwich, offering quality tailored service to meet your separate needs whether its a domestic or commercial service you require.

The Visualise team once again worked hard on getting this website looking spot on, as we do with every project that leaves the studio whether it is a brand creation, graphic design work or a new website design. If you’d like your business to have the Visualise treatment, all you have to do is get in touch!

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