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NOR-CON Events Ltd


The NOR-CON Events Ltd Norfolk TV, film, and comic-con fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

NOR-CON Events Ltd, the Norfolk TV, film & Comic Con at the Norfolk Showground Arena each year.

Probably one of our most enjoyable projects that the Visualise Creative team has worked on, we are proud to launch the new NOR-CON Events Ltd bespoke designed and developed, fully responsive website.

Following our recent launch of ‘The Reynard City Chronicles’ we were approached by Mark Dean of NOR-CON Events Ltd to provide graphics to his existing self built Wix website and bring a fresh new image. Following several consultations, we put in a proposal to Mark to completely redesign and rebuild the website from scratch. We felt that the Wix platform didn’t allow us enough room to do the website justice. We put together a home page design for Mark to show what could be achieved and he signed on the dotted line!

Transferring the original content over but greatly expanding on the graphics and functionality to catapult the NOR-CON Events Ltd business over its competition, we really had some fun creating this one.

Meg had the task of creating the NOR-CON logo so that the eye’s blinked, which brought a great unique feature to the website. We also worked on making Spiderman drop down from the top of the screen and bounce back up again which is only visible on the desktop version of the site. The countdown clock also brings in a nice element to the site and keeps it active so that the whole masthead of the site moves.

The rest of the site content was then created with custom graphics and using previous images from past events to promote each page individually. The ‘Buy Your Tickets’ is also promoted prominently on each page so as to push the ticket sales. We recreated the gallery images from the existing site but added in share buttons so that individuals can then share their experience on their own social media accounts and so further push the NOR-CON brand.

NOR-CON Events Ltd website will be an ongoing project as new guests sign up and the new news is added as the event gets closer to happening and so will keep the content fresh. Our launch SEO will also continue as the website increases with the main focus being on the ticket sales.

This NOR-CON project has been a very exciting one for the Visualise Creative studio to design and develop and we are so proud of this one, as we are all of our previous projects! Wouldn’t it be great if a big TV or film name were to pass on a nice comment on the site!?

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