MillarWest 2nd User

MillarWest 2nd User


The Millar West 2nd User fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

MillarWest 2nd User is your one-stop shop for high quality, second hand office furniture. From desks to storage, they will always meet your individual needs!

Visualise Creative had previously designed and developed the website for MillarWest Office Interiors. The company was really impressed with our work; so much so, we were asked to create a website for their other business, MillarWest 2nd User. A few years later, we were approached yet again. MillarWest wanted to update its 2nd User website, incorporating a shopping cart facility to meet with modern e-commerce demands. After further discussing the brief, our Visualise Creative team got down to business!

First, we created the homepage for the website.

We created a checkerboard design for the homepage, with each square promoting a different category: desks, chairs, storage, etc. Each segment features a large image of the item. This allows the user to easily navigate the website to find the page that meets their needs.

Each segment includes a clickable banner with a call-to-action. This encourages visitors to explore different pages, while also making it easier to navigate the website, especially on mobile. What’s more, we added a cool roll-over animation to the banner to make the experience more engaging.

MillarWest wanted to promote their main business throughout the website. Therefore, we added a promotional banner to the foot of the page, directing people to their main website. We incorporated this throughout the other pages to further advertise the business.

The shopping cart facility was the biggest change to the original website.

The previous design was very basic using .html coding. However, the development of responsive design allowed us to create an online shopping cart. Now the customer can browse the furniture online, then simply click the “add to cart” button to purchase the item. This is far quicker and easier than before when the customer had to email or call the MillarWest team. Also, the customer can clearly view their items at the checkout to ensure they are happy with their choices.

Furthermore, the products are far easier to view than before. Previously, they were arranged in long, never-ending lists that were confusing to read. The icons were quite small and difficult to view. However, the new design is far more user friendly. The results are spread clearly over numerous pages with large, clear icons. The description for the items can be viewed by clicking on the icons, rather than the details getting muddled on the same page.

Visualise Creative added a few more personal touches to the design.

For example, we added a blog page so MillarWest can update customers with news and exclusive deals. To promote customer engagement, we added social media buttons on each page. Also, we added a “latest items” shortcut to the footer. This regularly updates with the newest furniture in stock.

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