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Meditation Personal Trainers


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Together we can reduce stress

Now in its second design, the new Meditation Personal Trainers has just been launched. We previously created this site about 5 years ago and owner Peter Francis thought it best to utilise the downtime that the current COVID has lovingly brought over the past couple of years to refresh the site design to a more modern feel.

Initially the Meditation Personal Trainers website was created aimed at teaching ‘Joe Public’ to learn to meditate. Over the years Peter has altered the business model to be more focused at teaching Personal Trainers to allow them to then teach their clients as an added feature to their existing services.

We redesigned the look of the site to be more professional aesthetically so as to appeal to the audience it is aimed at. With the new site launch we also integrated a new members map search functionality, which allows clients who have acquired the Meditation Personal Trainers accreditation, to then be listed on the website and searchable for any visitors looking for them. This also allows the member to list their services and contact details.

Although this design was fairly simple for us, we still maintain our level of detail and functionality, promoting clearly the ethos of the business and also encouraging user interaction.

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