Meditation Personal Trainers

Meditation Personal Trainers


The Meditation Personal Trainers fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

Together we can reduce stress

If you have ever wanted to learn to Meditate, now is your chance with Meditation Personal Trainers, a new business that the Visualise Creative team was approached to undertake and create a fully responsive website as well as a brand creation.

Meditation Personal Trainers brand image

At Meditation Personal Trainers you will only ever be taught by fully qualified and insured Personal Trainers and Life Style Motivational coaches. Never, ever by any self-styled Meditation Guru’s preaching to you about changing your entire way of life or becoming one with the Universe.

Meditation Personal Trainers approached the Visualise Creative studio team at our local networking event – The Norwich Kitty Networking Group – with a vision to create a business that was unique to the client. We set up a meeting and discussed the idea and requirements and set about creating the brand image first. The website design was to follow the brand creation and the brief was to create a site that would promote calmness and be informative, easy to read and easy to interact with.

The website is tailored to meet the requirements and interest of both people who wish to learn meditation combined with personal training and also personal trainers themselves who wish to adopt the unique method and promote within their own classes.

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