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Last Pub Standing Norwich | A City Pub & Kitchen

We have been regulars at the Last Pub Standing for many years and seen landlords come and go. One half of the new management, Chris Oxbury, is someone that we have known personally for many years and so we were more than happy when Chris approached us to design & develop the new LPS website.

After sitting down in the awesome beer garden at the pub, Chris explained his vision of what he wanted the site to look like and incorporate. We went away, sat down, put the headphones on and came up with a home page design. We got Chris in for the first meeting and showed him the new website design and he loved it with a few minor tweaks. On we went designing and developing the rest of the site through to completion.

We designed the new website to be attractive to the type of clientele that Chris wanted to aim the pub at. Focusing on a heavy music vibe we included in the header and footer a vinyl record. We also made a feature of the brand logo so that it looks and swings like a pub sign. The site is heavily influenced with pics that were taken by our Norwich Kitty networking member Katie Colman of AllyKats Photography and we showcased them through the site in the page headers and also in the gallery around the site.

The menus page is first in the line and we modelled the page design on the actual printed menu, which we also designed! Throughout the we also developed the word content, we went with as non PC as we could fly with, we didn’t want the site to be another boring corporate pub site, so we said it as it is… Have a read and tell us what you think of the vibe!

The other page that we worked hard on was the ‘crew‘ page where initially it was going to be profile pics of the staff, but some didn’t want their pics done and we came in from a different angle giving each member of staff a Marvel Superhero character that best reflected them.

Of course every web & graphic design studio wants to make every job better than the last one, but we feel that we’ve really pulled it out of the bag with this one. We are looking to hopefully getting some great exposure from it and also working on the follow up social media and graphic design work we will be working on with LPS Norwich.

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