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Kokoro is one of the most luxurious skin & body clinics in Norwich.

Kokoro offers a wide range of treatments for the mind, body and soul. They are committed to creating a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere at their clinic, complete with their unique garden view treatment space. From facials and massages to natural and long-lasting permanent makeup, Kokoro always put their client’s needs first.

Visualise Creative had previously helped Nyree, the owner of Kokoro, with her previous business website.

When Nyree decided to create a joint business with her partner, Rob, she contacted Visualise Creative for help creating the brand, business cards and website. We started by coming up with a name for the business. Kokoro, which is Japanese for spirit, heart and mind; this reflected the wide range of treatments for the mind, body and soul that Nyree provided.

Next, the brand itself. Nyree wanted to incorporate golds and oranges in the logo but also wanted the design to look modern and clean. We went through many different phases of the design, incorporating different fonts and styles until we conclusively settled on a logo that Nyree loved.

Once the brand was created, we got to work creating business cards for both Nyree and Rob.

While Nyree focused on beauty treatments and semi-permanent makeup, Rob was all about massage and tension relief. Therefore, they wanted business cards which shared the Kokoro brand identity while promoting their own treatments. Rob loved the cool, aqua blue colour we had experimented with in an earlier logo design, so we incorporated it throughout his business card. Meanwhile, Nyree stayed with the warm orange of the main Kokoro brand.

The next stage was to create a fully responsive website.

Nyree had lots of input into what she wanted the design to look like. She really liked the idea of crisp, clean white backgrounds contrasted by bright colours. She was particularly inspired by Indian themed colours; orange, gold, navy, royal blue, pink, red, yellow and greens. She was also keen on pops of colours throughout to enhance each treatment. We took her ideas and incorporated them throughout the final design.

The homepage pops with colour the moment you see it. We incorporated the orange and gold from the logo into the Indian-themed geometric design background, while each specific treatment is designated with its own bold colour: red for beauty, yellow for facials, blue for massages and green for semi-permanent makeup. For each treatment page, we take their colour and incorporated it throughout the page, from the header to the text.

We introduced a ‘Kokoro Recommends’ feature to the homepage where Nyree can highlight her favourite treatments to potential clients. We also implemented a call-to-action in the header of each page to each book an appointment or buy a voucher to encourage future custom. The header also featured hand-drawn leaves and branches seen previously on the business cards to tie the brand together; it also reinforces the garden-clinic and Nyree’s focus on inner calm and nature.

Visualise Creative are really proud of the work we did on the Kokoro project.


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