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KittyKonnect Networking


The KittyKonnect local networking fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

KittyKonnect is a new concept in lunchtime networking brought to you by the Norwich Kitty Networking Group.

Visualise Creative were contacted by the minds behind the Norwich Kitty Networking Group about a new venture they were working on. We had previously designed the Norwich Kitty website to be a massive success, so the team were keen to expand the Kitty brand.

First, we sat down with Paul Rudd (founder of Norwich Kitty) to discuss his brief. He wanted to create a sister networking group from the Norwich Kitty Networking Group which focused on more professional local businesses. As a result, he needed a brand name, logo design and fully responsive website. Visualise Creative were more than up for the challenge!

First, the brand name.

It was important that the business was recognisable as part of the Norwich Kitty Networking Group brand. Therefore, we decided to keep ‘Kitty’ central to the brand name. We also wanted to build around the idea of networking and building links, which is where ‘connect’ came into the picture. For a fun twist (and the satisfaction of alliteration) we changed the ‘c’ to a ‘k’. The result? KittyKonnect — a name which truly captures the objective of the brand.

Next was the logo design.

Again, we wanted to highlight the Norwich Kitty Networking Group brand, so we kept with the green colour scheme. However, to ensure KittyKonnect was recognisable in its own right, we chose a bold, dynamic font to make it stand out. We also wanted to play with the ‘Konnect’ angle of KittyKonnect. Therefore, we created a mind map design where different coloured circles were linked by lines. This reinforces the importance of networking and making links in business.

The KittyKonnect local networking lunchtime event brand image.

Finally, the responsive website design.

Paul wanted the design for the website to be simple yet sophisticated. Therefore, we went for a minimalist approach, though fully incorporating the branding throughout. For example, we used the ‘Konnect’ visual from the logo to create dividers for the page and utilised the green colour scheme throughout.

We added a countdown on every page to the next KittyKonnect meeting. This is a fun way to engage the audience while also alerting them to the exact date and time of the next meeting. An image of a diverse and smiling group greets any new networkers to further promote the group’s relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

One of the unique elements of KittyKonnect Networking are the “30 words” business introductions. Businesses can upload 30 words about their business, which will then be read out by the host at the meeting. This prevents any stress or worries from those not well-versed in public speaking. Therefore, Visualise Creative created a page where people can enter their “30 words” online. To ensure this remains exclusive to members, we created a login so the page is password access only.

Another unique element of KittyKonnect Networking is that they “spotlight” a business at each meeting. Their reward for sponsoring and paying for the event is a 10-minute presentation to promote their business to a captive audience. It’s a great opportunity to showcase themselves, their business and it’s unique selling points. Therefore, we created a spotlight page to (ahem) “spotlight” the current month’s sponsor. Their brand dominates the page in a large header which also provides a link to their website. What’s more, we’ve created an archive for all the “spotlight” businesses, so members can look back at previous sponsors. Now the business has continued reach and recognition.

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