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GreenCurrent Power Engineering Ltd


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Engineers offering a range of electrical design and consultancy services.

Last year we developed a partnership with Pearson Prints to expand their services from primarily a print broker to be able to offer clients all the services that we offer. Now we are proud to launch our first website which has been brought to us by Pearson Prints.

GreenCurrent Power Engineering are a brand new business, driven to give something back to the industry. Local engineers offering a range of electrical design and consultancy services covering: initial feasibility, planning and designing of EHV and HV substations, electrical control and protection schemes, to full civil and structural design and packages.

Not really sure what they wanted from the website, they decided to start small and expand as the business grows. So we settled on a one page website initially to reduce their initial outlay but give them a web presence. Obviously we weren’t content with designing and developing a simple one page website, so we developed something that looked super cool!

With images and content supplied by the client, we took the images and colour corrected them so that they would be black & white and dark, so as to highlight both the logo and the white content text. Utilising the green within the brand, we pinpointed areas within the design that complemented the green, which really makes the site look slick, stylish and dramatic. We also decided to not be content with a simple scrolling one pager and worked on developing a flip scroll effect that pings to each page frame.

As the design is our usual bespoke work, tinkering with the responsive views across various platforms within the constraints of the design was a little challenging, but we got there!!!

Probably a little OTT for a one pager, but then thats what we do! Another project completed by the visualise team successfully..

If you’d like your business to have the Visualise treatment, all you have to do is get in touch!

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