The Forever Bella fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

FOREVER BELLA is a beauty and cosmetics salon in Norwich, specialising in micro-blading, semi-permanent make up, high definition brows and LVL lashes.

Visualise Creative was contacted by Lisa May (the owner of Forever Bella) to create a brand new website for her expanding business. The original website was very cluttered and confusing to navigate; so much so, many clients chose to use the FOREVER BELLA Facebook page instead. Therefore, Lisa May wanted us to create a slick, professional website that clearly promotes her services and prices. With the brief in hand, Visualise Creative were ready to go!

First, Visualise Creative set about creating an eye-catching homepage.

The only branding we had to go on was the FOREVER BELLA Facebook icon. Its font choice was very bold and modern, so we created a design that reflected this. The homepage is split into a chunky grid, with each box promoting a different service. We used contrasting fonts for the titles — one scripted, one bold — to create an eye-catching design. We also added pictures of models as a visual aid for what the service offers.

Much like the bold design, the colour choice is loud and fun. We used shades of bright pink to create a girly vibe; this stands out while also complimenting the jet black font. Our aim was to immediately catch the eye of the customer and encourage them to explore the rest of the website. The final design, we think, definitely achieves this!

Lisa May loved the homepage design. Next stop, creating the rest of the website!

FOREVER BELLA offers a wide range of beauty and cosmetic treatments. It was important to Lisa May that these were promoted clearly, so we created a specific treatment page for each service. Each page includes details about the service, as well as clearly labeled pricing. Also, we included a banner at the foot of each treatment page, encouraging clients to book an appointment. This helps to generate more leads and returns for FOREVER BELLA.

A new feature for the website is the gallery page. By hovering over an image, clients can view photos of before and after treatment. It’s a great interactive element for the website, while also promoting evidence of skill level of Lisa May. Over the next few years, more photos can be added as the treatments become more diverse.

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