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City of Fog displayed responsive on an Apple Mac, MacBook, Laptop and iPhone.

‘Established in 2015, City of Fog set out with one goal in mind, to start selling affordable E-liquids but in no way comprising in quality!

For a few years our Commander & Chief, Jim had been buying and enjoying the COF branded e-liquids. What wasn’t enjoyed was the awful WIX site that COF site was built with!!!!!

Being part of the online Facebook group for City of Fog and always being in front of a computer, Jim saw the post that City of Fog owner Jack posted asking if anyone knew how to use woocommerce, and this is where the story began. A message followed by a phone call followed by a quote and followed by an acceptance, the work began!

Using the idea of getting as much vape related images into the site build as possible, we went to town creating some funky graphics for the front page that not only displays via a rotating banner the latest products and the ‘flavours of the month’ and ‘week’, but pushing the main categories. City of Fog are quite unique in that they make their own branded e-liquids on site in their North Walsham shop. Therefore we pushed heavily the COF own brand on the site.

As well as creating a colourful and easy to use design, we also styled the shopping cart to reflect the design. Instead of having a drop down from the menu we put the categories for the products on the left hand side of the cart pages, making it easier to view and navigate on a mobile device.

The rewards scheme on the old WIX site, din’t really work properly and was way too complicated for end users, so we integrated a new rewards scheme where when the end user is logged in, they see their points in the checkout and can use them against an order easily.

Once the site was launched, on the same day we set up a mail chimp account together with a new designed newsletter to promote the new website which proved to be very successful.

It was an absolute pleasure working on this site and we are really pleased with the result and from literally minute one of the site launch, orders are flooding in. Job done!

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