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The Birchwood Energy fully responsive mock-up images showing desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone devices.

Energy contracts… one leaf at a time

The Visualise Creative team first met Warren Mundy, the director of Birchwood Energy Ltd, at a local networking event back in 2014. He had just started the business and asked us to build a new website for him. Of course, we said yes, and created a design utilising HTML technology.

Four years later, and we’ve breathed new life into the Birchwood Energy website. Our new design is slick and modern, built to be fully responsive across all devices.

We wanted to incorporate the Birchwood leaves throughout the website.

Therefore, we utilised the Birchwood leaves as the background design, as well as in the animated logo. We also added a cool rollover animation to the header: when you hover over the ‘case studies’ text, the leaves move apart to reveal the button.

Another animation we introduced is the scrolling banner, promoting a variety of energy companies, which is seen on every page of the website. On the FAQ page, each question has a dropdown option to expand a question. This makes it far easier to find the relevant question to an enquiry you may have, instead of continuous scrolling.

Warren wanted to appeal to professional businesses searching for energy procurement consultation to save money on both their gas and energy bills. Therefore, we heavily pushed the case studies, from the animated header too large banners on each page, emphasising the amount of money Birchwood saved each business.

The design of the website is minimalist and slick.

We wanted to create an uncluttered, clean design which was easy for the customers to navigate. Therefore, we used lots of large pictures and bold text, while also utilising lots of pull quotes—such as “lower energy costs, improved energy efficiency”—to reinforce the key beliefs and principles of the business. The green and white colour scheme is minimalist and fresh, while the green also creates connotations of wealth and energy.

We also had a bit of fun with the design…

We hid images of Warren’s dog throughout the website as a fun way for visitors to explore as much as the website as possible. See if you can find them and let us know where they are!

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