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Ber Street Hub


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The BER STREET HUB celebrates the local Norwich businesses on the street.

After moving the Visualise Creative studio to its Ber Street location we regularly attended the local Ber Street Hub meetings as this was a great chance to meet many of the other local businesses along the street, including John Lewis, Dynamic Fitness, Harley Davidson and Tax Assist Accountants to name just a few.

We noticed that the Ber Street Hub website was suffering a little bit from any forward traction and purpose, this was because it was run locally by a company located on Ber Street and of course as many businesses know, finding the time to invest in these sort of things is always difficult and so the site suffers. So, we decided to offer our services.

The Ber Street Hub is run by Ross of Dynamic Fitness and the idea behind it is to create a community for the businesses on the street and also the surroundings. A bit like how the infamous Norwich Lanes has become. After speaking to Ross he was happy for us to wade in and design a new website and increase the functionality and so giving the subscribing businesses a reason to be there and engage.

We have introduced a yearly subscription to the website for a business to easily sign up to. Each business can then create their own profile and join themselves to the available categories on the website, allowing the public and others to find them easier. Members can also post out their own events, forum posting and promote their own offers to the other members on the website.

We’ve worked hard to create a website that is both professional, engaging and an asset to the local businesses. Of course Visualise Creative is the first local business to register on the website!

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