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Apocalypse Apparel | Embrace the end of the world!

The Apocalypse Apparel business is actually the brainchild of Jim Keeble, Commander & Chief at the Visualise Creative studios. Although Jim loves designing work for clients, the process is very time consuming on each project. Many hours are put into the designs that Visualise Creative produces and so it is a more of ‘working within the business’ set up. So, utilising the design and development in-house capabilities, Jim and the team came up with creating a brand and online ecommerce website that would allow for an extra revenue stream to come in.

With current global Coronavirus Pandemic still sweeping the world, we thought we’d look at developing an alternative to the run of the mill face masks. First we needed to pick an angle for the business to go in, and played on the Apocalyptic attitude towards the world at the moment. Apocalypse Apparel both sounded cool and hit the nail on the head. We then created a brand image for the business. The logo features a face mask and wings, depicting the angel of death wings. All very tongue in cheek really.

new brand image design for Apocalypse Apparel

It took four months to source a reliable supplier that could both print full out onto a face mask the designs we needed, be good enough quality to sell and of course be a reliable supplier when orders are placed through the website. We got some samples, tested them out, took the promo shots and then got on with building the website.

Again the design of the responsive website is very tongue in cheek to go tandem with the end of the world apocalypse message that we wanted to get across. The range of face masks are prominently displayed on a slider on the front page. The quality and benefits of the face masks the Apocalypse Apparel was also very important to get across quickly. We added in a nice little zombie apocalypse in the footer of the website as well, just to be a little different from the norm.

If you take a look at the website, you may also recognise who is modelling the face mask designs all over the site. There is really no end to the talent that the Visualise Creative team can produce!!!

Order yours today via the website, it’s quick and easy and even has payment by ‘Apple Pay’. The Apocalypse Apparel custom face masks are not only an essential item, they are a statement!


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