Anderson Peak Performance

Anderson Peak Performance


Their mission is to focus on your individual health and well-being

Dr. Jeannette Anderson, who owns Anderson Peak Performance, contacted us at visualise after we met her dear friend Claudia Chapel of Muscular Therapy Centre at the COPA Show in New York (which we are currently finishing off the site for). Claudia recommended us to Dr. Jeannette Anderson as the Anderson Peak Performance website had previously been hacked and subsequently brought down and unable to be salvaged.

After an initial 3/4 hour conversation with Dr. Jeannette and discussing how she wanted the site to reflect her personality and business ethics with the use of graphics and functionality, we then prepared a full proposal for her. After being given the go ahead, we set to work designing the new look site for Anderson Peak Performance. We had to provide a few different background designs before Dr. Jeannette was happy and from there we produced a design that complemented the colours and focused on getting across the nature of the business. We complemented the colours of the existing brand throughout the site and Anderson Peak Performance were keen on the colour ‘gold’ as the go to action colour.

To improve on the functionality of the site we included an online booking facility which will allow existing and prospective clients easily see the availability of the practice as well as obviously booking an appointment. We made promoting the booking functionality a prominent graphical feature of the site. We also added in a blog facility so that Anderson Peak Performance can keep their viewers up to date with the latest news happening at the practice.

Each graphical image created for the site design has a shadow applied to it so as to depict movement and also follow a sports related theme.

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